What I do

What will I do for you

My projects are

Tailored to your requirements

Your business deserves a customized website, not a generic theme with superficial modifications. Off-the-shelf themes are burdened with unnecessary features.

Minimal reliance on plugins

Plugins are easy to install but difficult to remove. Websites overloaded with plugins are prone to instability. I utilize essential plugins, creating bespoke functionality from scratch.

User-friendly editing experience

Manage your content effortlessly with a CMS designed to be as intuitive as a Word document. Check out Cultivate Category Pages for an example of this seamless editing experience.

Unmatched speed

I ensure unparalleled speed and efficiency beyond what pre-made themes offer. I also offer hosting solutions with best in class cache from LiteSpeed


With 15% of visitors facing disabilities, accessibility lawsuits are on the rise. I adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 standards, creating websites that cater to everyone.

Future proofed

The digital landscape evolves rapidly, but your website shouldn’t require frequent overhauls. I construct a robust foundation that adapts to your future needs.

Extending WordPress

  • Daveed has created custom implementations of Events using WP-Event-Manager Pro for the none-profit Choose Health part of the South Riverdale Health Clinic both sites Daveed has maintained for many years. Designed by 12Thirteen now Openly
  • Daveed thrives making WordPress implementations unique take for example the FAQ Post type for Figure 1 here FAQs and Updates | Figure 1
  • What can I do for you?

Not only WordPress

Working mostly with WordPress in the last 10 years, he has also worked on projects in SquareSpace, helped setup MailChimp and Constant Contact campaigns. Worked with complex LogiForms implementations.

Designers and Agencies

If you are a designer looking to take your customers to the next level beyond off the shelf themes and builders, I can build a theme that take your dream designs to code.

Based on the approved design for all pages and elements for the site we will create a custom WordPress theme. A custom theme is not bundled with third part plugins or beholden to a third party update schedule. It is focused on BPB needs avoiding extra functionality which add vulnerability vectors needlessly. The modular nature of WordPress will ensure that future capabilities can be added without much efforts. For example a secure document repository for clients.

Development of custom code will follow standard WordPress development practices, with appropriate comments. Customized application will allow for flexibility wherever possible but will not sacrifice the ability to auto-update WordPress core.

To increase site speed, security and future development the theme will utilize the Standard WordPress Gutenberg block structure and customized content display tools. Various visual element will be either dynamically added or available with simple form like options.