Introducing ​FLEXER- A New, Flexible Web Agency


This is Daveed Flexer. If you don’t know me, I’m the guy behind FLEXER, and I am all about the web. I mean I just love the medium, and have been obsessed with its progress since the early days. (Hint you can find posts of mine on the newsgroup I think of myself as a big picture guy that sweats the small stuff when it comes to my clients.

Daveed Flexer by Lila Age 4As a project manager – I keep all the projects on track by either assembling and leading a custom team of web experts for your project. As a developer I roll up my sleeves and do the work myself. As a consultant I will help you better understand technology and how it can help you reach your businesses goals.

The idea behind FLEXER – a boutique web agency that’s focused on customer needs, and bringing together independent developers, marketers, writers and designers to complete projects – has been something that’s been with me for years and I’m excited to be able to see it through.

I came to web development and marketing after a career in the music industry both in sales and as an entrepreneur. I ran an independent label with two partners whos’ claime to fame was releasing Feist’s first full length , but that’s a story for another blog post.

Needless to say, these experiences have helped me understand how businesses operate, and what they need to succeed. This has really shaped my approach, which is to align an organization’s goals with the creative professionals who can help them get there.

I eventually left the music industry, and it’s been more than a decade that I’ve been building web sites and creating unique online experiences. And while I’m still obsessed with music, the web is my true passion and vocation. Over these years, I’ve done everything from hand-coding websites to designing logos, and from managing development teams to teaching clients to update their own websites.

When I founded FLEXER earlier this year, I sought to create a unique company designed to make things easier for companies, designers, and other web agencies. It also allows me to do what I love to do, which is to interact with people and to create wonderful things through technology.

I have a unique skill set where I’m a technology expert who can do the work or I can manage the project based on the client’s needs and wants.

But one of the wonderful things about FLEXER is that I can assemble a team of professionals who are also experts in their craft, whether it’s development or marketing, writing or design. Because I’m familiar with many different technologies and have the experience to tell how good someone is at design or marketing, I can choose people who are suitable.

These professionals can do what they’re good at (which makes them happy) and clients appreciate the high quality work done very quickly. These are people I trust and feel honoured to work with. I think of them as my dream team.

Perhaps more importantly, I treat my business relationships, whether they’re part of my team or they’re a client, like they are partnerships – because the best ones are. What I’m getting at is that, just like a friend, you can trust me. I’ll use my knowledge and connections to provide clients solutions that are right for them and that meet their goals.

That’s the short version. Please contact me or email or even 🙂 call me at 416-435-6665 to chat, I’ll listen and we’ll see how I can help you.


– Daveed