Our Team

Daveed Flexer, Founder & Lead Project Manager

daveed flexer developer project managerDaveed has been a music industry entrepreneur and successful salesman, who followed his passion for technology to retrain as a web developer and joined upstart company, Kobayashi Online as the first employee – helping it become a successful Web Marketing agency in Toronto.

Daveed is an accomplished developer and dedicated craftsman, whose innate understanding of technology is instrumental in solving challenges and pushing the boundaries to meet clients’ needs.

He brings a big-picture view and can-do attitude to every project, no matter how complex. An early adopter of web culture and emerging technologies, Daveed thrives on keeping up with the twists and turns of technology to ensure that Flexer’s clients stay connected to their customers in new and exciting ways. He always has time to help explain web technology, usability and standards to clients to increase their comfort level, and always open to their ideas.

Charles G. Watson, Training & Support

Charles WatsonCharles G. Watson possesses 15 years of training experience at well-known organizations such at Apple, SickKids and Intelex. He is well-versed in training procedures, learning methods, and educational theory. He enjoys putting this knowledge into practice and being able to see participant growth from the beginning of a program to completion.

He knows that technology is often confusing for many people. So he works hard, in his writing and training, to make learning less frightening, and more understandable. His ability to assist trainees in learning complex information and to use his knowledge of educational methods to develop successful training programs are among my greatest strengths.

The Network

Daveed has developed a team of designers, marketing specialists, content creators and developers that can bring any project to life.

Work with Us!

Are you a web specialist? We’re always looking for reliable and talented developers, designers and copywriters who can collaborate on projects. Send us an email explaining your particular area of expertise, your experience and education, and your contact details and availability. We’ll be in touch!