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Martin Boyd M.A., CT, principal at Dialogos is a highly skilled accredited translator and author. He provides Spanish-English/English-Spanish translation and proofreading services. The site went through various permutations initially in HTML then HTML and a blog and finally we converted the site to be all in WordPress. We worked very hard to make sure all links were properly migrated to the new site, as many of the pages received many hundreds of hits a month. We utilized the WPML duel language plug-in which we find efficient on resources and easy to use for both administrator and visitor. We also use FormidablePro for forms we find it to be the most customizable WordPress form plug-in out there.

Martin utilizes the blog to promote Mexican and Latino culture in Toronto, and has a rather significant audience of over 2000 hits a month on average. We coninutously imporve the site, recently adding a slider without using a plugin, highlighting the modularity we believe is one of the strengths of WordPress as a Content Management System.

Martin Says
“Daveed is one of those unique individuals in the world of web development who both fully understands all aspects of the technology and can explain it clearly in terms that non-techies can understand. He’s a highly creative developer with a good eye for functionality and esthetics, while also being diligently attentive to budget and time constraints. All this, combined with his personable and friendly manner, makes him a pleasure to do business with.”