Services for business

FLEXER creates high quality and scalable websites and web marketing plans that fit your budget. We use our experience to find an online strategy that fits your business, the staff you have, your business structure, your budget, and your marketing goals.

Project Management

Keeping your end-goals in mind

When you are looking for a web marketing solution, you are not looking for technology you are looking to achieve your goals. And realistically achieving goals means solid management, which we can provide to ensure the project is completed as expected.

Putting together a team

With a network and community of professionals, FLEXER has the ability to assign a team led by a project manager or simply hand off a project to a developer – depending on the needs of the project or enterprise.


WordPress Website Development

Using the powerful WordPress platform, Flexer can create websites that can be easily updated with new content and blog posts. The open-source WordPress community also provides code updates that ensure your website is always protected from the latest security threats and gets the latest functionality.

Mobile-Compatible Websites

As it becomes more common for people to access websites on smart-phones and tablets, websites need to be able to adapt to different screen sizes. Whether it’s an update to a current website or a brand new one, we design sites to respond to different devices so that the website and its message is always clear whether it’s on a phone or a 30-inch monitor.

Custom Development

Have a specific thing you want to create online? Let us know what you want to do, and we’ll come up with a cost-effective way to get it done. To keep costs down, we involve developers who have pertinent experience and who are familiar with the most relevant programming languages and software libraries.

Communicating with your clients

Let’s face it, referrals from current clients, colleagues and people who know us, is the most powerful way we will gain new clients. Furthermore current clients will be in need of services in a cyclical way throughout the life of any enterprise. We can achieve this by communicating our strengths, new offerings and generally engaging our community. We achieve this this with Email Newsletters, social media, blogging on our site and a myriad of other ways. We can help find the best ways to communicate for your product, your audience and your business and marketing goals. Talk to us, we’ll help.

Wait! There’s more.

Enterprise-Class Web Hosting and Email

FLEXER offers web hosting and professional email services that you can depend on. We provide flexible hosting options based on considerations such as your average website traffic. And our email services can be easily configured for desktop and mobile devices.


We strive to create solutions that are simple to manage, and we are happy to hand over control to you and your staff. We can teach you common tasks such as updating and making changes to your WordPress site. Our training is tailored to what you want to learn and what’s relevant. This empowers you to take the lead in your online presence and do more online without having to get the help of a developer.

Custom Content and Marketing

FLEXER will work with your business to understand its marketing goals, and come up with customized marketing solutions such as online videos, blog posts, white papers, email newsletters, and social media campaigns.

Customized, relevant content is a way for organizations and professionals to establish their expertise in their particular industry, and increase their visibility online. And this content can be pushed out to social media platforms, leading people back to the website, further strengthening your online investment.