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For agencies and designers sites tailored to your requirements, budget and timeline with minimal reliance on plugins, unmatched speed, accessible and long-lasting durability.

Project management and consulting

Complex digital needs: I will Build a team around your project, budget and timeline.

Complete solutions for small and new business

Get you off the ground fast: Email, domains and hosting all with my support. We work together to empower you to update the site yourself and take control of how you present yourself to the world. After the site is live I offer maintenance and support to be there for you and with you. I am always a phone or email away.

Daveed, drives innovation, ensuring client success through technology expertise and effective communication.

Just Launched

About the Project
New name and brand for this none-profit. Including a calendar , program filter and other engaging content platforms. Website design by the wonderful folks at 12Thirteen

About CommunitiCare Health
CommunitiCare Health offers health care and community support services in West Toronto.

About the Build
A whimsical site for Guelph based Bespoke Posies. Build in collaboration with the wonderful Seema Pabari handling Marketing Design and Copywriting – If you are starting a small business and need email, hosting and a guiding hand for your digital footprint – Let’s Talk

About Bespoke Posies
Bespoke Posies specializes in one-of-a-kind florals. Bespoke Posies understand how innovation is key to success, both yours and ours. Let them show you how to stand out from the crowd through the beauty of flowers. Bespoke Posies’ flower studio is located in the old south side of Guelph.

Selected Projects

About the Build
Multiple Content types and Custom Blocks to create an information rich marketing site for software company.

Design SprucePop and myCaribou

About myCaribou
myCaribou is a global software platform where manufacturers and distributors connect, build, and grow successful partnerships.

About the Project
Project managed a complete rebrand for established barristers and solicitors firm Benson Percival Brown. Logo + Corporate Identity – Jessica @ Dig It Design, Website Design – Alex @ AT Creative Marketing lead and accessibility Melanie @ award-winning B2B marketing company Imaginis and myself Project Management and development.

About Benson Percival Brown LLP
The partners and associates at Benson Percival Brown LLP are guided by a philosophy of client satisfaction and dedication which has withstood the test of more than half a century.

About the Build
Recipes and information for those with kidney disease & an interactive member only meal planner.

Design SprucePop

About The Kidney Community Kitchen
The goal of the Kidney Community Kitchen is to empower its users through information and resources to take ownership of their condition and manage it to the best of their ability.