About Flexer Web Development and Project Managment

We’re all about the web.

Flexer is a Toronto-based web development company that offers a new, flexible service model.

Our company will assess your needs and assemble a team of reliable technologists, designers and copywriters to fit your project. The team will deliver what you need, on your terms.

The company is led by Daveed Flexer, a forward thinking 10-year veteran in web marketing development and design and project management. Daveed ensures projects remain on time, meet industry standards and make use of cutting edge, cost effective, open-source technologies.

We’ve basically turned the structure of the web development agency upside down, putting the client’s needs on top, and having web experts work for your needs.

This approach and our limitless dedication means Flexer is your trusted technology partner for helping you connect with an audience in fresh and exciting ways.

Our Flexible Approach

Flexer is a company of companies. We have a strong network of professionals who you can trust, and who are excellent at what they do.

Your project manager will determine which individual meets your needs, and ensure the project finishes on time and within budget.

With this model, we have the agility and nimbleness to create high quality websites and online marketing solutions. By drawing on our community of experts, we can quickly accommodate large and small projects, and facilitate collaboration between these experts to come up with cutting-edge solutions.

Our approach is distributed, much like the Internet itself, and we benefit from the strength of our network of trusted professionals.